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Our purpose at Car is to simplify your process of finding a quality vehicle transport company. We have weeded through thousands of auto transport companies to bring you a small group of companies that past customers, like you, WOULD USE AGAIN.

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Facts about Car Transports

Did you know... There are several types of auto transport brokers, carriers and even some companies that do both.

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You Have Backup
Car wants to help you avoid the trouble, which is why we only provide you quotes from companies past customers rate well. However, if you run into problems with one of these companies we have your back! We not only get you results by having you publically rate and review the company, but if we find a "car transport scam" going on we will remove the company from our program.

So we have your back!
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Tip:  Read your contract and shipping agreement! By far the most common problem customers run into is that they've established incorrect ... More

Tip:   If you have any date requirements what-so-ever you should mention them when you request a quote or when you are ordering. Many times there are extra costs ... More
About The Transport Companies
The car transport companies on our site must meet specific requirements help you save time shopping for a company. The companies must be:
  • Legal - We verify liscense when we select companies. Not having the correct legal status, unfortunatly, is not as common as it should be.
  • Quality - They must be a quality company in the opinion of their past customers! This is not our opinion. We use thousands of customer reviews, found on Transport Reviews, and only invite companies that are well rated to be able to contact you.
  • Accountable - You as a customer will have the oportunity to rate this company, making them accountable!
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