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Prices to Move jeep wrangler From Phoenix, Arizona to Prescott, Arizona

The average price to ship a jeep wrangler from Phoenix, Arizona to Prescott, Arizona is $264 based on 11 quotes posted on August 29, 2019.

Number of Responses

Average Price
Price Range
$117.00 to $344.00

Origin Location:
Phoenix, Arizona
Destination Location:
Prescott, Arizona
Approximately 99.4 Miles

We May Be Able to Save You Money on This Move... Find Tow Trucks Near By
Car transport companies are the most economical way to ship your vehicle long distances. We calculate the distance of your move as only 99.4 miles. It will likely save you money and time to contact a towing company. They typically charge $2 to $3 per mile and complete the move within 3 days.

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